What’s all the buzz about?

Welcome to the K3 Library Buzz blog. Here I’ll be sharing library lessons, reading activities, story connections, children’s books, and library center ideas that my students are buzzing about.

I have always enjoyed connecting to other educators but since I’ve become a teacher librarian, I find that I have to be much more intentional about connecting with other elementary librarians. While the library is the largest, most expensive classroom in the school (and the most fun!) it can get lonely being the only one in your building with no grade level team to bounce lesson ideas off of. I enjoy colllaborating on special projects and sharing classroom management ideas daily with my specials team (our Art, Music, STEM, PE and Life Skills teachers are the BEST!). But I get the best ideas for my own lessons from other librarians.

Lately I have connected with some pretty amazing elementary librarians online through Instagram and FB groups. I have learned so much from them and have been encouraged to share as well. So… here we are. Over 12 years in the school library and I’m still learning daily what works and what doesn’t. Let’s learn together. That’s way more fun!

Have you ever thought about the power of story? Stories help us see ourselves better and help us understand perspectives of others. They pull us in, inspire a natural curiosity and wonder, and help us make sense of our world. Stories are powerful!


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